Calendar Rimming Machine Heavy Duty All Steel Model.

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calendar binding machine heavy duty all steel model, manual calendar tinning machine all steel model
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Calendar Rimming Machine Heavy Duty all steel model
A most useful and suitable machine for every kind of calendar manufactures. Can fix calendar slide in double fold easily. Variuos types of calender slides attached with plastic tags or without tags are readily available in the market.These slides have a slight bend lengthwise of the rim. One leg is small while the other leg is almost double.The printed calendar papers are inserted manually in the prefolded rim which has already been placed in the machine as shown in the figure.Then with the handle of the machine,it is rotated about 180 degree.This is called first stroke,with this stroke,the calendar papers are held firmly by the rim,because when we make the first stroke the smaller leg gets pressed & the longer leg gets a new bend & at the same time gets flattened.Then again we make another stroke only for more pressing the already pressed rims to make it a rigid one. At the time of first stroke a thread loop can be placed along with the papers for hanging the calendar on the wall.The purpose of the calendar rimming machine is to make a bend of 45 degree on the rim(IF it in not present already) Press the 45 degree smaller leg & at the same time make a fold in the longer leg of the rim from center & press it to overlap the previous fold.Then again pressing with second stroke.


15" 55KGS(approx.) 65KGS (approx.)
18" 65KGS (approx.) 75KGS (approx.)
24" 75KGS (approx.) 85KGS (approx.)
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